We love helping small ideas grow into big returns!

There's alot going on at Southern Media! Check out some of our latest projects. 

Advanced Wash Systems

** Though we no longer manage this client, we are proud to have helped them get to the point where a larger marketing firm needed to take over.


By far the largest project we have taken on to-date, our goal with DirectSpray was to re-brand and re-develop the product into something that could be packaged and shelved, and still meet the margins set out by our potential distributors.  We also needed to create a sales and marketing strategy that would work within the budget and available resources.

Now DirectSpray has over 1000 Unique visitors per week on average, and sales have increased 6X.

Here is a brief list of the work we have done for this product:

  • Social Media Profiles

  • Website, Brand package

  • Google Ad Words and Social Media Ad Campaigns

  • Sales tools, labels and product design

  • Trade Show supplies and strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Over-sea's product development, and redesign.

  • Commerical and Video Marketing

  • Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, logo etc.

High Performance Hockey

We are very privileged to work with the HPH Team.  They are a group of hard working and dedicated Coaches, who believe wholeheartedly in what they do.  We have assisted them with their online development as well as design for their creative marketing, such as posters and info cards.

We look forward to helping them in developing their brand and reaching an even broader audience.

High Performance Athletic Development

HPAD was the first sports development program to start using digital athletic testing technology in Southern Alberta.  We have helped them by creating their voice online; developing their site, increasing their Google presence, and streamlining their online booking process.

There's even more great stuff coming out in 2018 from HPAD!

Vain Esthetics

With such a driven owner operator, it's no wonder Vain has grown into the go-to beauty parlor in Southern Alberta.  Vain Beauty Boutique is ran by a single mom and entrepreneur, who needed help managing her website, bookings, and computer system.  We are currently finishing the development of her site, and have also set-up her in store POS System and Online booking system.

We look forward to adding more depth to her site and increasing traffic even more than we already have.

This site currently gets over 1000 unique visitors a month.

Lethbridge Asphalt Supply Co.

Stay tuned for the final report on LASCO!

Ground Breakers Construction

Ground Breakers was referred to us and was in need of a website, digital media, and social media services.

We developed their site, took all of the site photo's, created a Drone video of a project to create "before and after" footage, and set up their facebook site.

We also set up and registered Ground Breakers with all of the essential Google Products (as we do with every client), and will be showing the client how to manage the back end.

We are currently rewriting the creative on this site to help it perform even better on Google.

Stone Wave Therapy

More info coming sooon

Marci Stockton Wellness

This client has such an incredible story to share about redefining herself and developing a company that allowed her to leave her 9-5 job.  And now she is showing other woman how to do the same thing.

We have developed her logo, website, and have set-up a complete Google Profile.

We are still working to finish off the design of her site and a few other small projects before she is completely up and running.  Stay tuned!

Custom Real Estate Solutions

This is one of our new clients, and so far we have built them a logo, yard signs, and consulted on the development of a new website.  Check back to see the final project review.

Vantage Horse Trailers

Vantage Horse trailers allowed us to shoot some aerial video of their trailer lot for some social media engagement, check it out!

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